Digital Storytelling | Content Strategy | Brand Identification | Fully Integrated Campaigns

Digital Storytelling

There has never been a better time in human history to tell a story. A great story can evoke deep emotional connections, create impressions that can last a lifetime and can singularly inspire calls to action.

The experts at Modern Legacy are skillful storytellers. For almost a decade our creative team has been artfully transforming otherwise ordinary stories into “edge of your seat” experiences that will stay with audiences (and their hard drives) forever.

Content Strategy

Made popular by film guru’s in the late 1990’s, Content Strategy is a upmarket way of talking about the; planning, development, and management of the entire production process. At Modern Legacy, we believe the Content Strategy we create is a direct representation of our distinctiveness in the context of the totality of our creative inspirations and with that of our company’s philosophies. Modern Legacy’s superlatively imaginative minds will establish, develop and manage every pixel of your project(s) to your liking.

 -To find out more about how our proprietary Content Strategies are “Changing the Game Frame by Frame” contact us today 

Brand IDentification (ID)

Brilliant companies have brilliant brands. Whether they are established industry leaders, or a new-to-the-industry disrupter seeking to snatch market share, the best-branded companies and products simplify life and will always have value and staying power in the marketplace. Creating a recognizable and simplified BRAND (ID) will quickly differentiate your company and/or product(s) over that of your competitors. Furthermore, robust Brand ID can significantly reduce consumer price sensitivity. What in the MLP does that even mean?? It means that consumers will remain loyal to you even if your company’s products, goods & services are priced higher than your competitors! Modern Legacy’s motion/graphic design experts can help you create an intelligent, robust and of course stunning Brand (ID). Whether you looking for digital short, commercial or even a full-length feature film in the creation of your Brand ID the experts at Modern Legacy are ready to work for you. To find out more contact us today. 

Fully Integrated Campaigns

Ready to take it a step further? Team up with Modern Legacy’s business AND graphic/motion design experts to facilitate the creation of a fully integrated campaign. Perhaps you have two key business areas and want to differentiate them, or a portfolio of independent but strategically linked business identities… Our experts can define, maintain, and codify an integrated campaign to assess and create; Brand (ID), develop the corresponding Content Strategy and tactically addresses every aspect of need based on your businesses realities. From start to finish Modern Legacy will design, and manage your project from conceptual development through the actual physical production, and finish with cutting-edge post-production methods.  

We do it all

The One Stop Shop: Modern Legacy is a full-service award-winning production company. Our team will design, and manage your project from conceptual development through the actual physical production, and finish with the latest in cutting-edge post-production methods. At Modern Legacy, our life’s work is dedicated to showing the world yours.

What We've Achieved

  • 2015 - Nominated for 2 Outdoor Sportsman Awards (Best Overall Production, Best Deer Hunting)
  • 2014 - Golden Moose Winner for Best Cinematography
  • 2014 - Nominated for 5 Golden Moose Awards (Best Cinematography, New Show, Show Opener, Deer Hunting, Bird Hunting)
  • Winner 7 Telly Awards
  • Winner 2 Summit Awards