Scent Crusher | Campaign

                     Brand Film                                            Commercial


Be scent-free before you hit the field with Scent Crusher’s full line of odor eliminating products. Featuring scent-crushing ozone activated technology, Scent Crusher get you and your gear ready for the hunt. Scent Crusher products feature Ozone Activated Technology which effectively eliminates all odors on your gear. Sweat, soaps, food, perfume – you name it, Scent Crusher kills it. Scent Crusher's Ozone Activated Technology kills organisms including bacteria and virus, and is 100% chemical-free, leaving no scent, chemical residue or harmful byproducts


Scent elimination or control is not something new to the hunting world. We simply wanted to showcase the comparision with old technique with a new technology. An old pastime with a modern edge. 


Scent Crusher was named top new product of the year (2016) by outdoor writer Joe Martino and at ATA (2016). The industry is embracing the product much the same as the hunters that have realized this year how easy and effective the product is to use.  The buzz you are hearing isn’t just us making the noise…the industry is alive with comments and enthusiasm about the product line. 


Client: Scent Crusher |

Agency: Modern Legacy

Talent: Neal Currell | David Holder

Director of Photography: Adam Jordison

Principal Cinematography: Adam Jordison | Josh Firle

Editor: Adam Jordison

Graphics: William Poulin