Raised Hunting | Season 2

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Season 2 Awards

  • Nominated for 2 Outdoor Sportsman Awards: Best Overall Production & Best Deer Hunting


Raised Hunting is about an average American family that has used hunting as a platform to teach ethics and values to their family. The Holders share their North America hunting experience and use real adventures from their journeys.

Raised Hunting captures the raw emotion that comes from an animal at close range, all while focusing on bringing you ultimate adventures with the highest regard to cinematography. Raised Hunting is the show that keeps you on the edge of your seat and looking for more when it's over.

Most important, the Holders hope you will see them for who they really are – just another family that lives and loves everything hunting has to offer, and the kind of family you would hope to run into at your next hunting camp. After all, they are looking forward to sharing camp with you.


After 5 nominations and winning Best Cinematography at the Golden Moose awards. Season 2 had to capitalize on the core of what separated us from the rest. Strongly relying on our cinematography and storylines we set out to start developing a more clear message that viewers could relate with. On top of the clear message we began utilizing more production gear including our Red camera, DJI Inspire, and Ronin Stabilizers. 


Raised Hunting was Nominated for Best Overall Production and Best Deer. Results will be revealed this year in Vegas at the Outdoor Sportsman's Awards Ceremony.


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1. Connected (Watch Intro)

2. Respect (Watch Intro)

3. Growing Up (Watch Intro)

4. Thank You (Watch Intro)

5. Fourteen (Watch Intro)

6. Dreams (Watch Intro)

7. Perfect (Watch Intro)

8. Choices (Watch Intro)

9. The Plan (Watch Intro)

10. Partners (Watch Intro)

11. Approaches (Watch Intro)

12. Pop (Watch Intro)

13. Why (Watch Intro)

Behind The Scenes


Client: Raised Hunting | raisedhunting.com

Agency: Modern Legacy

Talent: David Holder | Karin Holder | Warren Holder | Easton Holder

Director of Photography: Adam Jordison

Principal Cinematography: Adam Jordison | Josh Firle

Editor: Adam Jordison | Josh Firle