Mint 'A Better Man' | Music Film


When the last frame was captured we realized we finished up perhaps the most intense, grueling, haunting, physically demanding and insanely fun creative projects we have ever had a chance to be a part of. Our dear friends from Mint teamed up with us, and after an entire week of 15-hour video shoots in sub-degree wind chills at the scariest, eerily beautiful abandoned ranch in a tiny Iowa town, we came back home & poured ourselves into trying to somehow capture the intensity of the experience in a 6 minute video. 5 insane dudes, a haunted farmhouse and a can of gasoline rarely turns out well. We're lucky to have been a part of the one time it did.

Behind The Scenes


Client: Mint |

Agency: Modern Legacy

Talent: Bradford Johnson | Brandon Wade | Christian Peters

Director of Photography: Adam Jordison

Principal Cinematography: Adam Jordison | Loren Ekart

Editor: Adam Jordison