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Scent Crusher | Commercial

Be scent-free before you hit the field with Scent Crusher’s full line of odor eliminating products. Featuring scent-crushing ozone activated technology, Scent Crusher get you and your gear ready for the hunt. Scent Crusher products feature Ozone Activated Technology which effectively eliminates all odors on your gear. Sweat, soaps, food, perfume – you name it, Scent Crusher kills it. Scent Crusher's Ozone Activated Technology kills organisms including bacteria and virus, and is 100% chemical-free, leaving no scent, chemical residue or harmful byproducts.

Brand - Scent Crusher (

Cinematography - Adam Jordison || Josh Firle

Talent - David Holder || Neal Currell


Pope and Young | Commercial

The Pope & Young Club is much more than bowhunting's Record Keepers. Pope & Young is Fair Chase. We practice Conservation. We believe in Heritage. A Fraternity of bowhunter's networked to protect the future of bowhunting. Ethical, Fair Chase Bowhunters; The Pope & Young Club. Join Us Today.








Bear Archery | Agenda 6

60 second spot for Bear Archery. A Kjos Outdoors/Rockhouse Motion/Modern Legacy Collaboration










Trophy Ridge 2.0 | Commercial

30 second spot for Trophy Ridge. A Kjos Outdoors/Rockhouse Motion/Modern Legacy Collaboration









Velvet Antler Wine | Commercial

Velvet Antler Wine asked us to build a concept surrounding their wine. Our result was to portray the life within the wine and wild game. We shot the commercial at a beautifully secluded cabin in Iowa. For more information, visit


Krossroad Guitars | Commercial

This year, Krossroad Guitars asked us to make a brand video that highlighted the quality and elegance of their new line of camo acoustic guitars.  We really enjoyed the opportunity to do this video and we are now proud owners of our own Krossroad Guitar! For more information about Krossroad Guitars, visit

Livesmart 360


Like most people, you’re probably looking to improve some aspect of your life. Maybe you want to feel better, or look better, or somehow find a way to live better. Most of us recognize that to fully enjoy our today and look forward to our tomorrows, we need a healthy measure of financial security, and we need to be healthy enough to enjoy it!