'Changing the game, frame by frame'

Your brand is the most important part of your businesses. Modern Legacy’s award-winning content is quite literally “changing the game frame by frame”. By entrusting our keen-eyed creative team with the most important aspect of your business you are tapping into the same approach used to create our own award-winning, industry-leading brand to your liking. Enjoy a custom tailored experience that captures the essence of your company’s existence, neatly packaged to completely immerse the audience in cathartic emotion through stunning imagery, sound and (did we mention it's award-winning?) you only thought was possible in your imagination.


Red Bull

'Play & Destroy'

Camp Narrows Lodge


Building Brighter Dreams


Max Muscle

'I Am The One'

Scent Crusher


On The X Outdoors


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

'Shoot For A Cure'

The Run To Cure Cancer