Andy Ross | Commercial 1:00 | Album #2


The success of the first CD gave Andy the opportunity to get back in the studio and continue to make music. This time the style of music he wanted to make was clearer as he had started to find his sound. Sitting down with Porter Howell, songwriter and guitarist in Little Texas, and discussing the direction for his music was the first step. He would bring ideas to the table and he would help Andy craft the ideas into great songs. When the CD was almost complete Andy had one more idea. While watching the news one night and listening to this unbelievable garbage about gun control, Andy had the idea for “Cold Dead Hand.” He called Porter and told him his idea and they set a time to get together and write. His next call was to producer Doug Grau and Andy asked Doug if they could get back in to the studio to record one more. “Cold Dead Hand” became the title track for the CD and a new anthem for the 2nd Amendment.

Behind The Scenes


Client: Andy Ross

Agency: Modern Legacy

Director of Photography: Adam Jordison

Principal Cinematography: Adam Jordison | Loren Ekart

Editor: Adam Jordison